A Guide to Nonfiction Writing


Why have a nonfiction writing guide on the web? Well, there are many reasons, but let me share my top two with you:

It's the most common writing you will do

Throughout adulthood, you will do more writing than you think, even if you aren't doing it for a living. 

First, as a college student, you may have research papers or other academic tasks. 

Then, in the working world, you'll have a multitude of business writing to do, from emails to detailed reports and memorandums. 

Finally, you might want to pursue writing as a career. If so, nonfiction writing offers many opportunities to showcase your talents, your skills. 


There is no other comprehensive site
on writing nonfiction

We are all familiar with fiction. And if you search fiction writing on the web, you'll find tons of resources to guide you. But when you search nonfiction writing, the resources are fragmented, if they exist at all. 

One site might show you how to write academic papers or how to format citations.

Another might offer help writing articles for magazines or the web.

But, until now, there has been no single source of how to information for all types of nonfiction writing.

the focus of nonfiction writing guide

Our Focus

Our content focuses primarily on the nonfiction writing you do at school and work. This covers 99% of the nonfiction spectrum.

Even freelance writing is writing for work. In fact, it is writing for work in the truest sense.

In addition, I will be offering a range of products and services that can help you, regardless of what you need to get written.

For instance, one-to-one writing coaching for both academic and business writing. 

I will also offer relevant e-books, training packages and other fee-based tools.

Of course, I will continue to offer various free e-courses, e-books, reports and tools.

Finally, throughout the site, you will find free information to guide you with your nonfiction writing projects. Information about:

So, come on in, take a look around. See what you can find. If you have questions contact me.


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