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Getting it Write, Issue #016 - Memories and Memoirs
April 23, 2017

A Nonfiction Writer's Guide

Mary Fontenot, Editor,

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Memories and Memoirs

As promised, we've been working this weekend to bring you our new section on the memoir. And you get to be the first to see it!

Preserving our memories is important. And we want to help you preserve yours. Even if you have no plans to seek publication, there is great value in writing down those key moments of your life.

Ready to get started? Here's it is.

Write Your Memoir, Leave a Legacy

Be sure to let us know what you think! And if you'd like to see specific information covered, we'd love to know.

Classified Ads

Ready to Write that Book?

Not so ready to go it alone? You don't have to. No one wants to work in isolation. Plus, books are enriched by the experiences and relationships of the writer. Now, you can have help with your actual writing while connecting with others who share your love of words.

The bonus is that you can get your book done in as little as six weeks!

Hack Your Book today!

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