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We offer a variety of options for our advertisers, including text ads, banner ads and ezine advertising. Be sure to read the Advertiser's Guidelines below.

Ad Type Ad Description Monthly Rate Annual Rate (save 20%!)
Website text Up to 50 Characters (not including html code) $50 - home page
$20 per page - other pages
$480 - home page
$192 - other pages
Website banner
Up to 1 inch x 2 inch $100 - home page
$50 - other pages
$960 - home page
$480 - other pages

Ezine sponsor No character limit, up to two links per ad
$50 $480
Ezine ad 100 character limit, one link per ad $30 $288

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Advertiser Guidelines:

  • All ads are subject to webmaster approval. If your ad is rejected for any reason, your payment will be promptly refunded.
  • Ad rates are subject to change. However, once you have contracted for a specific advertising run, your rate is secure until that contract expires.
  • This site will undergo periodic cosmetic changes, including, but not limited to changing from a two-column to a three-column layout. The exact placement of your ad on the page may change when this occurs.
  • The "other pages" rate refers to placement of the ad on any two pages that are not the home page and that are in the top 25% of visited pages.
  • All ads must be paid for by Paypal before they will be placed on the site or in the ezine.
  • Ezine sponsors will have their ads sent to subscribers individually once between ezine issues
  • Website ad terms are from the 5th of each month. In other words, if you purchase a monthly ad for April, it will run from April 5 to May 5.
  • Advertising must be ordered prior to the first of the month in which the ad will first run.

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