Using APA Citation Styles
for Print

In college, professors require either MLA or APA citation styles to reference research sources. If you've become used to one particular style, it can be a challenge to start using another. However, if you've never used any citation format, the whole concept can leave you scratching your head. 

Proper APA for Print Sources

Periodical (journal, magazine, newsletter, etc.)

Author, F.I., (Year). Article Title. Periodical title, Issue #, Page #s.

Non Periodical (book, report, brochure, manual, audio/visual)

Author, F.I., (Year). Title. Location: Publisher

If you come from a different citation style, like Chicago or MLA, it can take time to get used to using APA. However, with time, practice and diligence in reviewing your work, you will soon adjust.

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