APA Format Overview

What is APA format?

APA format is a citation style and method of organizing research material used widely in colleges throughout the United States.

Who established this format?

This formatting method was established in 1929 by the American Psychological Association.

Why did the Association set up this format?

reference book Until 1929, there was no standard method for formatting research materials or articles submitted for publication to APA Journals. With more than a dozen journals currently in print, while the Association did not want to dictate to its writers, the need for a consistent method for formatting papers and citing sources was apparent. In short, APA format improves the quality of communication in the field of psychology and throughout academia.

How have standards changed?

In the years since they were established, the standards of APA formatting have undergone changes to reflect advances in technology.

For example, the existing standards now address online sources, as well as print and multimedia.

Additionally, they have broadened to encompass more than Association journals. Specifically, they seek to include all academic writing in the varied field of psychology.

As our methods of communication continue to evolve, so will the standards of the American Psychological Association.

Where can I learn more?

You can visit the APA online for the most current information on APA writing style.

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