Using APA for Online Sources Made Easy

You've drafted your research paper and found what you think is a great source on the web. But, it doesn't have a page number or a publishing house to use on the reference page.

Now what?

Fortunately, the APA has rules specifically for online sources.

There are two types of source you will deal with online - a document and a periodical. An online document would include a content page from a static website such as this one. An online periodical would be the equivalent of a magazine online, such as a professional journal article or a blog post.

Here is how you cite them. There are exceptions, of course, but we won't deal with them here.

Online Sources:

Online Periodical

Author, F.I., (Year). Article Title. Periodical title, Issue #, Page #s. Retrieved Month,          Day, Year, from Website URL.

Online Document

Author, F.I., (Year). Article Title. Periodical title. Retrieved Month, Day, Year, from          Website URL.

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