Top 3 Article Templates

Articles, regardless of where they are published, take many forms. Good article templates can act as guides for structuring your articles.

A template is essentially a standard outline that allows you to focus on providing your information than worrying about how to present it. Think of them like cookie cutters. They give you the shape of your article, but you get to decide the flavor. 

template cookie cutter duplication

Of the dozens of templates that exist, these three are the most popular online and in print.

The How To Article

Everyone wants to know how to do something. Odds are someone wants to know how to do something you do with ease every single day.

This article template allows you to provide them this knowledge. Start by introducing the lesson you plan to teach, then follow with clearly defined steps until you reach the desired result.

The Tips List

We've seen them from women's magazines to blog posts. The tips list gets a lot of play. And there's a good reason for that - they work.

Readers like a handy list of tips to find solutions to their problems, whether it be acne or car trouble.

A successful tips list has five to ten tips with a little bit of explanation where needed.

The Review

The third popular article template is the review. Movie reviews abound in entertainment magazines.

Book reviews are all over sites like or literary blogs. Good ones tell the reader about a product or event including its benefits and flaws.

reviews are powerfulYou can review anything

One reason reviews are so popular is that human beings are social creatures. We want to know what others think when we are going to make a decision. As a result, it's unlikely that they are going away any time soon.

All three of these article templates provide a structure for creating strong articles. These articles can be sold, posted on blogs or used for website content.

They are flexible and easy to write, making them as popular with writers as they are with readers.

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