A Look at the
Nonfiction Book Market

According to Publisher's Weekly, the nonfiction book market is still strong. Historically, this has been the case. Since the creation of the first book, people have loved to read for information.

In 2014, self-help books topped every other type of book sale in the United States. Their sales jumped 15% since the previous year.

Other nonfiction types that saw a boost in sales include:

  • Biography/Memoir - 12%
  • Religion/Bibles - 12%
  • Business/Economics - 7%

While a few types of nonfiction books did see a decline, this doesn't mean that they didn't sell at all. Rather, it reflects that sales were more robust the previous year.

Any type of book can see sales bounce back from one year to the next.

What Does This Mean?

If you write nonfiction books, this means that the barriers of entry are lower and the chances of success are higher.

Fiction, by contrast, is a much harder market to break into unless you establish a large following for your work prior to publication.

With nonfiction, readers are looking more for relevant information than for the name of the author.

So, while having a fan base and a writer's platform is helpful, it is not as critical as with writing fiction.

Depending on why you are writing your nonfiction book, a healthy book market means you can borrow from your material to create a wonderful array of products to help promote your book, your business or even a charity.

What can you create?

E-booklets, blog posts, articles, courses and instructional materials, and whatever else your imagination can come up with.

Don't Give Up

If you are considering writing a nonfiction book, or have already begun, this news is great motivation to keep going.

Encouraging stats aside, you never know whether your book will be the breakout bestseller of the year. Even the decade. 

We live in an information hungry world. You have knowledge that can help others achieve what they want to achieve.

Regardless of the fluctuations of the book market, you need to get your work out there. 

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