5 Essay Writing Tips

The five essay writing tips offered here are based on writing the five paragraph essay.

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However, they can be used for any essay assignment, with some adjustment.

The point of the tips is to speed up the process of outlining and writing an essay.

No two people write the same way.

So, as you use them and get comfortable with the method, you can change it a little here and a little there to make it work better for you.

Let's get started:

1. Outline your essay first. Do this by forming your main thesis statement. Turn the statement into a question, then jot down the first six answers you think of. Three of these will make into your actual essay.

2. Now, list the six answers in order of importance with the most important at the top. Mark out or remove the bottom three answers. They aren't important enough to be included. Or, they need to be combined with one of the top three answers.

3. Take each one of these answers and write for 5-10 minutes, nonstop, about it. Each answer you have is now the basis of at least one body paragraph of your essay. As you write, if you don't know something about your topic, put a blank or asterisk to mark the area that needs research and move on.

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4. After all three sections are written, do the research you need to fill the blanks. It shouldn't take long, since you have narrowed down the information that you will need.

5. Finally, draft you rintro and conclusion. They will usually be different versions of the same information. Once you've done this, all that's left is to revise your essay.

Using these five essay writing tips can make writing essays less intimidating. In time, you may even start to enjoy it.

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