Finding Receptive Writing Markets

by Tamara Wilhite

1. List the markets that you feel you are qualified to write for, from most qualified to least qualified.

Then create a second column and list those areas in which you want to write. List those areas that have the greatest demand for writing.

Sort those lists by category, so that each list has the categories in order. Add up the value (first = 1, second = 2, etc.).

Now look at each category's total. That which has the lowest score is the area in which you think you will have the best odds of success in writing.

Target your writing efforts to those areas. This increases your odds of writing good material that others are seriously willing to consider publishing.

2. What nonfiction do you read? Consider writing for the magazines you frequently read. Who needs market research, when you already know their subject, their demographic and their writing style?

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