Where to Find Freelance Writing Opportunities

Reputable companies will offer good freelance writing opportunities. These are jobs that pay well and allow you to put your skills to work.

We're not talking penny-per-word or $5.00 per article jobs, either. No, these are high paying jobs seldom, if ever, found on job boards.

Opportunities are offered by companies of all sizes, but the best ones come from medium sized and large companies such as Coca-Cola, AutoZone and others.

Companies that hire freelance writers understand the value of well written materials such as:

  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Articles
  • Ads
  • Just to name a few!

    And they are willing to pay for that quality.

    Often, larger companies will also have in-house writers. 

    So, why would they hire freelancers?

    First, because they have more work than their staff can handle alone.

    For instance, if a company is planning a new advertising campaign, they may want extra writers available to make sure everything is completed on time.

    Second, because they want a writer who is highly experienced in a certain area, such as press release writing or report writing. Rather than hire a full time staff writer, they prefer to use freelance help.

    If you have a specialty, it will be easier to find freelance writing opportunities because of this.

    Finally, it is cheaper for them to hire you, especially if the job is not long term.

    So, if you are an expert annual report writer, it may be less costly for the company to hire you for that task while their staff writers focus on the day to day writing needs of the company.

    How do I get hired?

    So, contact the marketing departments of local companies in your area, to start.

    You can do this by letter or phone. Either way, make sure you get them your business card and samples of your work.

    It may be weeks before you are hired, but as long as you put yourself out there and show that you have the chops to handle what they need, you will stay busy.

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