3 Ways You Can Profit
From Giving Your Writing Away

You can make money by giving your writing away.

Yes, it really is true.

give your gifts away to succeed profit

This isn't some "get rich overnight" scheme or some trick to get you to lay out a bunch of money for a "turn key business".

You have to do the work yourself and it will take some time to set everything in place -- but even if you are just getting started, you can make this work!

Giving your writing away to web sites, blogs, ezines, and newsletters can really make you some serious cash on the internet.

3 Ways to Profit

  • Traffic for your web sites and blogs. Sharing your work in the right places can bring people flocking to you. 
  • Reputation building for you and your online and offline enterprises which helps attract clients, customers, and visitors. It allows you to position yourself as an expert in your practice area.
  • Profit for your advertisers and for you through sales of your own products as well as affiliate income.

It really is not a difficult or complicated business model and one any competent writer could replicate or modify to suit their purpose.

One Final Benefit

One last terrific benefit of this writing business -- you can write whatever you want. You aren't dependent on some editor's whim or assignment. 

You don't need to worry about tightly focusing your work to fit within a publication's editorial guidelines.

You are in total control -- you write to suit yourself in terms of topic, approach, and tone. 

And you'll make more money doing that then you ever did when you tried to write for someone else. I promise!

Now go out there and give your writing away!

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