How to Start a Blog

Blog is short for weblog. Learning how to start a blog is easy. And free. But you have to commit to your topic and consistently provide content. Perhaps daily.

This makes keeping up a blog the challenge.

What is a Blog?

Blogs began as online personal journals.

Today, however, they have become trusted sources of news, business advice and self-improvement information, as well.

how to start a blog

Get Started

To start a blog, go to one of the free hosting sites, such as Blogger or Wordpress and open an account.

You will be walked through choosing a name for the blog, a layout and providing basic information about both yourself and what your blog will offer visitors.

If you wish, you can even purchase a domain name, but it isn't necessary unless you intend to use the blog to earn money.

For instance, if you have a blog about horses on Wordpress, it could be for free and if you purchase the domain (provided it's available, of course).

Get Readers

From there, you will want to post regularly, so have a plan.

Write your posts ahead of time as much as you are able.

Use SEO copywriting techniques to help people find you through search engines.

Tell everyone you know about what you are doing and send them the link. Post it on social media. Ask people to pass it on.

Get Linked

For blogs that you regularly visit, comment and include your link where applicable.

This will draw traffic in two ways: it will get the other blog readers to click on the link and the search engines will see that you have a link from another site to your own, which helps your ranking.

If you are consistent, provide quality content and work hard, your blog will succeed. It can even become a source of revenue. We'll discuss that more later.

In the meantime, get this free Authority Blog Checklist.

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