It's Not Over...A True Crime Story of Southern Corruption and Conspiracy

by Lee Foster

It's Not Over is the incredible true story of a young northern couple who were drugged and sabotaged during a 2010 civil trial in the south. After the four day trial is over they learn it's not over...their horror had just begun.

Thirty-five-year-old Haley Parker and thirty-six-year old Tommy Stone has quit their jobs, sold their house, and risked everything they had to move to a small quiet town in the Foothills of Western North Carolina. They wanted to live the good country life, away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Massachusetts. They had a plan: move to the south, get married, and have children. But once there, they found themselves caught in a web of southern corruption and conspiracy where the locals manipulate the legal system and will do anything to protect their own.

Haley and Tommy sued their contractor Will Hammond. To them he was just a bad contractor, a southern bumpkin, a dumb redneck who swindled their money. While they attempt to represent themselves during trial in Will's neck of the woods, they are drugged through the water in court. After trial is over they discover the man they sued is related to the Sheriff, and the his lawyer is a member of a cult; rated one of the five most dangerous cults in America.

They have no one to turn to when they realize the Good Ole' Boys and the Walk of Faith Fellowship have joined forces. As Haley fights to prove their involvement, they are stalked and tormented by them. The closer she gets to the truth, the more powerful their forces become. When Tommy and the locals battle with disbelief and the depth of the true evil that surrounds them, Haley must prove her sanity to everyone while trying to protect herself and the man she loves.

It's Not told through the eyes of the victim; the author of this book. It's a story of corruption and conspiracy intertwined by two controversial organizations, with mystery and suspense, political intrigue, and one woman's unrelenting fight to prove her sanity and stop them before it's too late.

By Lee Foster

Disclosure: All names are fictional. All incidents are pure and true.

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