Benefits of Journal Writing

The benefits of journal writing are fairly well established due to its long history. From Anne Frank to Di Vinci, journal writing has proven itself.

No Age Limit

There are distinct benefits for children of all ages, but journal writing is equally valuable to adults.

The reason is because journaling is an act of personal reflection.

Whether it is a teenager reflecting on the social nightmare of high school or an overworked parent taking twenty minutes a night to write is irrelevant. 

The point is, all age groups benefit from stepping back from their life for a few moments and reflecting on things.


Whether you recognize it or not, journal writing provides you with an anchor in your daily life.

In your journal, you are free to write what you want without restrictions, to truly address the issues in your life without fear of criticism. 

No one is watching. No one is grading you or pushing their own expectations on you.

Put another way, one of the benefits of journal writing is that it acts like your psychiatrist, only MUCH cheaper!

Self Assessment

As you write in your journal over time, you’ll also start to gain a second benefit. One of self-assessment.

Inevitably, you’ll read through past entries and review your life.

Doing so will lead you to self-reflection and new thoughts on how you might act differently should certain situations rise again. 

Stress Management

Of equal importance, journal writing has health benefits.

Before you laugh, consider a time in your life when you were extremely frustrated. If you spoke to a friend to get things off your chest, didn’t you feel better afterwards? 

Getting things off your chest helps relieve stress, one of the biggest killers in our time.

Journal writing acts in much the same way as confiding in a friend since you are able to write your thoughts without fear of criticism. 

There are other benefits to journal writing, but all boils down to one simple fact. Writing in a journal allows you to express yourself without being judged.

With the lack of privacy in our modern, digital world, that is hardly a small benefit.

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