Journalism and You

Considering a journalism career?

If you like to write and can handle pressure, you are probably on the right track. However, there is more to journalism than newspaper reporting.

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What is journalism?

It is the timely reporting on events at all levels, local to international.

Before you choose your path, be sure to explore literary journalism and multimedia journalism.

These two are considerably different from writing hard news for the paper.

Instead, you could be crafting the stories that air on the television news.

Or you could find your work featured in magazines such as The Atlantic or Forbes. This, too, is journalism.

Of course, with this career path comes all of the related responsibilities.

You will be held to the highest standards of journalism ethics and must avoid yellow journalism if you want to be successful and respected.

So, if you want to be a journalist, to learn how to write an editorial, explore the options that exist.

From your local market to international news, opportunities exist if you know where to find them.

A changing landscape

You can rest assured that though journalism as we think of it is changing, but it isn't going away.

That said, it is vital that you stay abreast of changes to how news is reported, shared and received. 

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