Letter to Granny

When I was at school I thought it would be good to be a journalist. I liked writing a lot and was always writing stories and letters. I had several pen pals that I wrote to regularly. They weren't very good pen pals because most of them didn't write back to me, or if they did then they didn't write very often.

I used to love hearing stories about my Granny's childhood. She told me all about her family and school friends. We used to write some of the stories down and I was always making diagrams of our family tree.

When I grew up and moved away from the town where my Granny lived I used to keep in touch by phoning her and from time to time by writing. As she got older her hearing got worse and eventually she couldn't hear what was being said on the phone. In the end I gave up phoning because it was impossible to have a sensible conversation and I went back to writing to her.

I wrote to her every week to tell her about things that I'd been doing and that my children had been doing. She loved those letters and they became the highlight of her week. Then my other Granny came to visit my mum. The two grannies were great friends and they got to talking about this letter that I sent. It was decided between the three of us that because I was talking about people that were related to both of them that I would send them both a copy of the same letter.

Each week I would write my letter on the computer, print it out and put a copy in the post to each Granny. Then my aunt came to visit. She liked the letters too and wanted a copy. So I printed out three copies. Next my mum wanted a copy. My children called her Technogran because she had an email address. So Mother got her copy by email.

In the end I had my own mini family newspaper that I wrote every week for 6 years until both my Grannies died.

Letter writing is a great way of writing non fiction.

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