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Writing the Critical Essay

If you keep in mind a few essential steps and elements, writing critical essays can be the same for writers in most subjects.

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Online Research

Researching on the internet is quite convenient and has many advantages, but has some disadvantages also. Is internet research right for you?

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Five Day Outline Course

Having trouble getting started on your book? Our five day outline course will give you the perfect blueprint to get those ideas on paper.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Write for the Web

There are three good reasons for writers to spend at least a sizable chunk of their writing time writing for the Internet.

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Why Write a Nonfiction Book?

Want to know two good reasons why you should write a nonfiction book?

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Your Blog: Keep Them Coming Back For More

If you want your blog to keep them coming back for more, you must understand your readers and what they want.

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7 Writing Tools You Need

There are 7 tools every writer needs whether writing a novel, scientific document, essay, or article for the local paper. Without these tools it is very difficult to succeed.

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Call for Beta Testers

I am looking for three people who want to write a nonfiction book from start to finish within the next six weeks.

I am developing a course for writers and need beta testers for the course to help me make it the best it can be. Your only cost is your feedback and a testimonial I can use in marketing the finished product.

In return, you get 100% free access to the course for life, including the community and any upgrades or improvements that come along.

All in all, I will have five beta testers. Two people are already on board. If you are interested, please click the link below and let me know. I will send you the login information on Monday, July 20.

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3 Top Article Templates

Discover the top three article templates you can use to start writing great articles today.

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Back to School is coming

We are getting close to the season of term papers and book reports. Be on the lookout for templates, courses and more to help you write like a pro, in school or out.

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