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by Annie

What kind of research should I do to find a subject to write about that is original?

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Jan 22, 2010
I second that, Jim!
by: Jaimi

Jim's right. Yes, it's great if you can find something original to write about, or at least an original slant on something more familiar, so that your book has a chance to stand out.

But in my experience a writer hasn't much chance of coming across as inspired by the subject if he or she has no personal interest in it. The same goes for fiction writing. If it doesn't come from your heart, it shows in every word you write. Plus, it becomes even harder work for you than writing already is!

Good ideas come from everywhere. Surfing the net, looking at news stories from around the world is a very good way to catch something that will inspire you. Instead of network television, try tuning into channels like Discovery and TLC. They frequently have documentaries that open up worlds you never knew about. Like the secret lives of Romanies in America or the annual Betty Crocker Cake Baking Contest or the day to day shenanigans of a custom motorcycle shop. What this does is make us aware that the world really isn't the homogenous vanilla spread that mainstream shows like Entertainment Tonight would have you believe. It's a mass of niche markets, each with their own dedicated, sometimes almost fanatical following. And niche markets are the future of marketing.

Jan 22, 2010
Start with interest
by: Jim

No matter what you write about, your writing will be original because no one else looks at the world like you do.

But, if you want to find the idea that excites you, start with what you are interested in.

Is there a topic that gets you excited? Makes you angry? Ask yourself why. Then keep digging down until you find the essence of the idea that is meaningful to you.

From there, what you write will definitely be original because it comes from inside you.

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