Popular Ebook Topics
You Can Write About Today

The market for ebooks is growing with Amazon.com's self-publishing platform, among others, leading the charge. If you want to join the fun, there are some popular ebook topics that regularly top the best seller lists.

Here are a few:


Do you have a business background? Have you started and run your own company? Did you succeed? Fail?

If you have any experience with business, it is a popular ebook topic. Individuals are always searching for new information. New insights. They want to know how to get started, how to grow. They want to read about successes and failures in order to learn from them.

Even if your experience does not seem remarkable to you, it may be the key that opens a new door for someone else. 

Children and Parenting

Are you a parent? Have you faced interesting situations with your child? Even those that seem mundane may be exactly what another parent needs to learn about. 

For instance, my book Parenting an Independent Child is all about the strategies I used to help my children grow into strong, capable adults and why it matters. 

If you have child rearing issues you've faced and feel you've learned from, an ebook is a great place to showcase that information in a way that can help others.

Homemade Gifts

Are you a crafty person that makes all their gifts? If so you could write an ebook about homemade gift ideas.

How-to information is one of the most popular ebook topics. In fact, it's one of the most popular book topics in the world. Writing about making gifts for friends and family falls into that category. 

Your ebook could include recipes for gifts in a jar, or directions to make a no sew blanket. If you excel at a particular craft, you could provide short, easy to read instruction manuals. For instance, a "how to crochet" or "how to make dolls" book.

Whatever gift you make others would enjoy learning how to do the same.

You can also share ideas for packaging your homemade gifts to make them more special.


Unless you are Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or J.K. Rowling, you probably have struggled with money. In fact, all three of the above have, also. 

One of the most important things we can learn is how to manage our finances. And people are searching for help with this by the millions. Look at best sellers like Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover or Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. Suze Orman has made her career teaching people of modest means how to handle money.

What can you add to the conversation? Have you had a financial "aha" moment that you could share and build upon to create an ebook? If not, is there something you want to know about money that you could learn and then teach? 

Maybe you've had a huge financial turn around and wish to tell your story. 

Regardless of your specific topic in the area of money, someone is searching for it.

Real estate

Do you know a lot about selling a house, or different types of mortgages? Maybe you have experience with improving curb appeal or staging homes for sale. Or, you might know what to look for and what to avoid when checking out a new home.

Write about things you can do to make your house sell faster, or things not to do when selling your home.

Do you know a good realtor in your area? This could make a good ebook. Is your neighborhood great for families, or are the schools top notch? People like to research before moving to a different area.


Have you ever gone on a vacation? Were there things you wished you knew ahead of time? Others probably feel this way.

Write an ebook about a place you went on vacation. Share information about hotels you have stayed at. Did you visit any great restaurants while you were there? Were there any you would never visit again?

Tell people in your ebook about must-see places, or places to pass up. This could be a huge help for someone planning a trip to that destination.

Do you know of any cheap travel packages to that spot? These are all things a person might look for, and your ebook could give them all the information in one spot.

Selecting a topic for your ebook really is easy. You just have to think about things you do, and things you know. Then you just write.

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