Business Guidance for the Professional Writer

Welcome to the world of the professional writer.

If you are starting out, you'll find help to save you time and money. Even if you are a veteran freelancer, we can put a spark back into your business.

Writing is a solitary career.

You spend a lot of time with only the computer for company. And that's how you like it. For the most part, anyway.

But what about when you start feeling disconnected? Discouraged? Disorganized? What then?

You aren't alone. It's easy to stop taking our writing seriously. To get off schedule. Every professional writer shares the same struggles.

What you need is a way to reconnect and regain your momentum.

Below are articles to help you:

Get organized.

From your file folders to your computer desktop, set up your space for maximum productivity and peace of mind.

Manage your business.

Track submissions and plan marketing activities. Juggle projects with ease.

Control your time.

Get more done without suffering burnout. And get more time for you.

◊ Make and manage money.

From tax strategies to new income streams, boost your bottom line.

A freelance career is a rewarding one. But only with the right tools to manage it.

◊ Invest in yourself.

You are your most valuable asset.

In order to become and stay successful, you will need to continue learning and growing.

This means investing in materials, courses and whatever else you need to remain at the forefront of changes in the writing industry.

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