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Autobiography: Proposal or Book Writing First? 
I am writing an autobiography about my military career and was wondering if it was optimal to obtain a literary agent first through proposal, or write …

Article Subject rights 
I am writing an article about a nonprofit group. Now they want to edit and review my article before it is published. Do I have to let them do this?

Non-Fiction Book Structure 
What is the best way to structure my book? I want to write the book in chronological order but, at the same time, share the activities of 4 different …

Is it admissible to reconstruct conversations and details? 
I have been asked to pen the amazing story of a husband and wife who were divorced and then remarried through remarkable circumstances. I want to personalize …

Publishing My Book  
I submitted my book to a publisher and after there approval they sent me a contract with a price tag of $7000.00 to do the front and back book cover, marketing, …

Informative Essay Question 
I am writing an informative essay for college. What should the closing paragraph consist of?

Using Lists in an Essay 
In writing a good essay with several points, is it more professional to list multiple items as bullet points, or to put them into sentences and fit them …

Writing structure 
I am considering writing a non-fiction "How to" book. In writing the manuscript for publishers, should the lines be double spaced or single spaced? …

Protecting Identity in Non-Fiction Writing 
If I protect the identity of people and corporations by altering names and some facts, will non-fiction publishers refuse to consider such a manuscript …

Original Writing 
What kind of research should I do to find a subject to write about that is original?

Pun leads 
What are examples of pun leads?

Looking for a Book on Writing a Memoir 
I am thinking about writing a memoir and am looking for book recommendations on this topic. Have you written one? What references did you …

Graduate Placement Essay Not rated yet
I am writing a placement essay for graduate school, which will determine the level of masters classes in which I will start. Obviously, I want to begin …

Thesis vs. Dissertation Not rated yet
What is the difference between a thesis and dissertation ?

Finding a Specific Thesis Not rated yet
When given a general topic, what are some steps that can help me find a more specific thesis?

Counter Arguments in a Persuasive Paper Not rated yet
In a persuasive paper, where should you position a counter-argument. Should it be the first, last or in-between point?

Help understanding MLA format. Not rated yet
I just started college this semester. My college comp class requires that we use MLA citation for research papers. I have a big paper due for the …

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