Write a Self Help Book

Do you have what it take to write a self help book?

Have you been through a dramatic change in your life and come out on top? Or do you work in a field helping others make positive changes, so you know what works? If so, maybe you should write a self help book. Here's how:

Tell the "before" story

Almost every weight loss book starts with the author's story about struggling with his or her weight. This is the "before" story. What's yours?

Whatever it is, make the reader feel your pain. Relate to the emotional and physical turmoil they are suffering and want to change. The reader needs to be right in there with you.

The breaking point

At some point, something snapped, and you changed direction. What was it? What caused you to finally hit bottom and decided to change?

Odds are your reader is near a similar point, if they are looking for help. Let them know that you understand and that it's not the end of the world. Just a new start.

Provide the steps

Spell out the steps you took to turn the situation around. In the standard self help book, each step or two is a single chapter. These chapters contain your story combined with information from experts in the field (a dietitian, a fitness expert, a psychologist, etc.)and resources for the reader.

As you write about each step of the process, make sure you are honest about how long each took you. And share your setbacks. Don't sugarcoat the journey. This won't help your reader, but will only reinforce their frustration and self-doubt.

Share your "after" story

Here is where you let the reader know where you are today. How has your life changed? What is better now than it used to be? How do you maintain that change?

True self help provides the reader a story they can relate to combined with genuine guidance to help them make a change. What's your story?

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