What is SEO Copywriting?

Search engine ranking, especially with Google, can make or break a website. SEO copywriting is used to gain better ranking for ads, site content or directory articles. The same basic rules apply for search engine optimization with all of the search engines.

Google, in particular, continues to develop smarter and smarter programs for assigning ranking to the billions of sties on the web. How can your site compete? SEO copywriting methods are the first in an arsenal of web writing tools to help you climb the ranks.

How is it done?

Start by finding keywords with a lot of demand and little or no supply. These words and phrases must be related to your topic. You can find them through sites like Wordtracker or the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Next, use the primary keyword throughout your content. Be warned, though, that your content must be written for your human site visitor. In other words, it has to make sense in the context which is is used. A good rule of thumb, though not a strict one, is to use the keyword or phrase no more than two to three times per 500 words.

If you run into a problem with your keyword appearing too often in the text, consider possible synonyms. For example, "article" could be "content", "text", "writing", etc.

world wide webOver time, with enough content, using strong keywords, the search engines (and visitors) will start taking notice. And your ranking will improve.

As fast as things move and change on the internet, content is king for SEO copywriting. Odds are, it will always be.

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