Simple Formulas
to Write Articles With Minimal Effort

As a writer, have you ever felt overwhelmed by a blank sensation when trying to write an article?

To eliminate the problem, use the article formulas below. 

Use Previous Work

article formulas easy ways to write articles

First, look at what you have already written.

Can you tweak it to fit a new topic?

Change a few words or add a little bit of information in order to have a whole new article?

Reworking your old material is a great way to generate new content quickly.

Use Prompts

Use a prompt to get started. There are common titles which can be used for various subjects.

Here are some of them:

  • How To Find ...
  • The Secret To ...
  • The Basics of ...
  • The Benefits of ...
  • Mistakes To Avoid When ...
  • and so on...

Just grab one and get started.

Use Private Label Rights

Use private label rights articles and rework them for your own topic. Private label rights (PLR) articles are usually sold in batches for reasonable prices. 

Take a look through them and find something that would work well with your topic. 

For instance, if you find an article about brewing beer, but you are talking about making wine, you can take the beer article and change it to fit wine-making.

Once you purchase these articles, they belong to you, so you have the freedom to alter them and use them as you see fit.

A word of warning, however.

Do not just copy and paste them as they are onto your website or blog. Read them carefully, tweak them as much as necessary and check them for accuracy before using them. 

This way, while the framework is provided for you, the content is something you created and that you can feel good about.

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