If You Want To Learn Speech Writing
But Can't Get Started

Have you thought about speech writing as a way to launch your nonfiction writing career? Believe it or not, being a speech writer is a legitimate, potentially lucrative job.

Speech writers serve:

  • Politicians
  • CEOs
  • Professional Speakers
  • and many others.

Of course, writing a speech is a skill you have to learn, practice and master.

Luckily, there are a few proven steps to do it.

Start, of course, by learning to time a speech. How many words will the piece need to be? No one likes a speaker who goes over their allotted time.

Then, create your speech outline. Is it a persuasive speech? An informative speech? Or maybe you're writing an introduction speech for an event. Whatever it is, from your outline you will develop the:graduation speech

  1. Speech introduction
  2. Speech body
  3. and
  4. Speech conclusion

Each has to flow naturally into the other. Your speech writing skills will improve over time, of course. To get to the professional level, start by learning not only speech writing, but giving a speech. When you get up in front of a group and deliver your work, you get a better understanding of the ebb and flow of presenting.

For a skill that you can take all the way to the bank, speech writing can't be beat.

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