Tailoring Your Resume
for that Dream Job

You get online and find a posting for your dream job. You know your skills fit the bill perfectly, so you break out your resume and get ready to send it off.


You need to make sure it stands head and shoulders above other candidates.

You need to specifically tailor your resume.

Looks Matter

It should be neat, without any spelling or grammar mistakes, and it should be pleasing to the eye at first glance.

This means that you never submit your resume on brightly colored paper. 

White paper is best and your printer or copier ribbon should be dark.

Match Your Best to the Post

It’s important to consider what your most favorable qualities are.

Although every job is different, there are some aspects of your educational or employment history that will get the attention of the potential employer. 

A close look at the job posting will tell you what words and phrases to use to get their attention.

Some employers use a program that will scan your resume before a human sees it. That program will be looking for the key words and phrases used in the posting to match it to qualified candidates.

Toot Your Horn

Highlight your relevant achievements.

If there is some task that you’ve accomplished that will work in your favor in light of the job posting, include it prominently on your resume. Be sure to use the same wording as found in the job posting.

Consider how to showcase your talents based on what the potential employer or corporation is looking for. 

If the job calls for extensive work experience begin your resume detailing the positions that you’ve held. This way, you catch their attention before highlighting your educational achievements.

On the other hand, if education is a focus of the posting, place your details early in your resume.

It might be practical to develop two versions, employment focused and education focused, when you are resume writing.

Keep in mind that any of your achievements can help during the consideration process. This includes activities like summer internships or volunteer positions.

They demonstrate a desire to learn and to contribute.

A potential employer will get the impression that you can handle commitment.

Show Your Winnings

Mention any awards that you’ve received. Employers recognize these and consider them accomplishments. These include things like honors awards or citizenship mentions.

Keep It Clean

Once you are finished writing your resume, there is still one essential step left to do.

Proof read your resume.

It’s wise to ask someone else to proof read it for you as well, because during the process you may have become used to the phrasing of your resume and may overlook an error. 

If someone else reads it over they’ll spot any mistakes. It’s much better to have a friend or relative point out an error than the employer you were hoping to work for.

Take your time and work through these steps as you search for that dream job. Or any job.

Your resume is a reflection of the care you will provide as an employee. Make it awesome.

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