That's how I am!

by Sania Amir
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Everybody is different! You think different and I think different. And I bet nobody could think the way I do,maybe because I think too much or maybe I am long-sighted.

I spot an individual object in numerous contrasting ways. And that's what makes me unique. Now,this definitely does not mean that I am born under a lucky star or I am a sensational person. I always take good with the bad and happy with the sad.

Nothing so pleasurable materialized in my life that I could feel fortunate. Sometimes, time creeps so hard on me that I feel worthless, but then I look down to those who are even more forlorn than me and that is the moment when I sense that my life is far more preferable than those who are hapless.

However, I am lucky enough to be blessed by both my MOM and DAD. They are the ones who counsel me to the light. But I am that stubborn person who does not step on the right track until and unless I experience the wrong one. Living up unfavorable experiences has made me so hale and head-strong that I can confront any of my unaccustomed problems. Living up my problems with a big smile is my merit.

Some people say I am absurd, some believe that I am messy and even people judge me as cute! But nobody has sighted the real facets of my character. The truth is that people judge me the way I want them to!!!

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