Wanting to Write an Autobiography but Need Help on Editing

by Evon
(Wales, U.K.)


I have written approximately 300 odd pages of a life of extreme sexual and mental abuse as a child.

Born a psychic but did not know that it was called such, until I met my mother when I was 17, to find out that it was common on her side of the family. Experienced amazing and terrifying paranormal and healing eventually of my childhood past at age of 29.

Found a brother at the age of 41, who was stolen when I was 10 and felt as if he was my twin, as we experienced everything on the same days, even the psychic experiences and as I had been thrown out of a third story window and he, from a fourth story and we both survived it but left with spinal damage, we knew when the other was in pain. I lost him again due to a heart attack 70 days later, which shattered my world.

Married to a man for 26 years but he was unable to show me love. There is so much abuse, neglect, yet incredible moments of personal inner strength I have had to find, yet I am no writer but would love to know how I can find help in doing this, with minimal finances available to me?

Thanking you

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Apr 18, 2017
Thank you
by: Evon

Thank you very much for the advice Mary. At times, I get an urge to try to publish this story and at other times, I'm also very hesitant, due to feeling that my story won't be believed and that there already are so many personal stories of horrendous abuse.

I'll have a look at your recommendations and who knows?

Many thanks

Apr 18, 2017
by: Mary

What an exciting and hard story you have to share. It sounds like it would help so many people who have been through these kinds of traumas.

As far as writing your story, simply sit down and pretend you are writing a letter to your best friend. Someone you like and trust. Write the way you talk. Especially for personal stories, this conversational tone is key.

Another option, is to use a voice recorder or talk to text software (Dragon Naturally Speaking, for instance). That way, you can speak your story if you are more comfortable talking than writing.

Being an autobiography, getting someone to do the writing for you will be hard because it will not be in your true voice. But you can find other writers who can offer guidance and feedback as you go. If you're on social media, ask for beta readers. These are readers who will read your book looking specifically for things you ask them to look for. They will give you feedback that you can then apply to your work.

Best of luck to you.

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