Why Write a Nonfiction Book?

There are two strong reasons to write and publish a non-fiction book, besides making money from book sales. These reasons are:

  • to market your business and
  • to gain credibility.

Reason #1: Marketing

If you have a business platform, other than your book itself, to drive traffic to, you should consider publishing a nonfiction book.

Many successful nonfiction authors understand that their book can be a powerful marketing tool to drive traffic to their business, and they exploit this knowledge.

For example:

  • Stephen Covey's books drive traffic to Franklin Covey
  • T. Harv Eker has Peak Potentials Training
  • Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen's book The One Minute Millionaire markets the Enlightened Wealth Institute
  • Ken Blanchard's company is a global leader in workplace learning and productivity, just to name a few.

The real money to be made from publishing a book doesn't always come from the book itself; it comes from the business that the book is designed to market.

Reason #2: Credibility

In our Information Age, your audience is drowning in information.

They're bombarded with television, radio, books, advertising, Internet, blogs, music, etc.

So why should they listen to you, especially when there may be countless competing factors sending them conflicting messages?

When faced with information overload, people listen to and buy from those they deem to be credible.

Think about it: why are quotes so powerful? It's not because of what is said in a quote that makes it relevant and important to you, it's because of the credibility of the person saying it.

When you hear the words, "Be the change you want to see in the world," the quote sticks with and impacts you not because of the actual words, but because you know they came from Gandhi, a man who earned ultimate credibility on the subject of changing the world.

Your neighbor could say the same thing, but unless he has credibility on that subject, the words will impact you far less and you will forget them.

The phrase "Imagination is more important than knowledge" could be seen as nothing but a trite adage, but coming from the mind and mouth of Albert Einstein, it carries substantial weight and meaning. 

Credibility is a precious commodity in the business world, and it's one that, once gained, will dramatically increase your bottom line.

There's something about being a published author that gives a person instant credibility.

Imagine being at a party and meeting three new people.

Suppose the first two people you meet are incredible businesspeople, and the third is actually far less accomplished than the first two.

But if you learn that the third is a published author, suddenly you pay more attention and give more weight to their words.

And the chances are high that the published author, despite any of their other accomplishments, is the one that you will remember months later.


If you are thinking about writing a non-fiction book, you must first understand that publishing a book by itself is not a good way to make money.

Rather, your book can be an important part of your business marketing strategy.

And by gaining the credibility which comes from being a published author, the chances of getting people to buy from your business are far greater.

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