Why Write a Memoir? 

3 Good Reasons

If you're wondering "Why should I write a memoir?" you aren't alone. 

memoir writing

Historically, these books were written by people of note. The rich, famous and powerful. Or those who had accomplished great things and wanted to share their experience. 

Don't be discouraged, though. Because a lot has changed in the last century or so. 

Today, ordinary people write memoirs that become bestsellers. People you have never heard of suddenly become household names because they told their story, they shared the extraordinary bits of their otherwise ordinary lives.

But, why?

Here are three reasons to write your memoir:

  1. To save a part of your past that you wish to preserve.
  2. To deal with or share events you have experienced.
  3. To leave a legacy for your family, friends and others who know you.

Save a Part of Your Past

My grandfather was a Cajun fiddle player and singer. Though he died just before I turned nine, he left an indelible mark on my life. I want to share this with others. By writing my memoir of my times spent with this jolly, temperamental, amazing man, I can preserve a piece of both my life and his. 

Perhaps there is a part of your past that you would like to capture and keep. A memoir is the perfect vehicle to do so. 

Deal With or Share Events in Your Life

My husband and I recently took in young woman who needed to escape a bad family situation. She has been through a lot and has much to work through. Right now, she is using journaling to help her. 

However, she also wants to use her experience to help others who may be facing some of the same issues. So she is writing a memoir of her abuse and survival. In the course of doing so, she has been able to gain clarity about things that were causing her to feel guilty or fearful. Those events are losing their power. 

A memoir can be a great way to heal from a difficult experience. It can also allow you to help others having a similar experience to know they are not alone. 

Leave a Personal Legacy

It is said that one of the greatest fears people have is the fear of death. For so many it can seem like a terrifying void. And we wonder what will become of our memory after we are gone. Will people know our name two or three generations from now? Will our life have mattered at all?

You can write a memoir to leave a legacy that may reach many generations beyond you. Even if it's just to pass from child to grandchild to great-grandchild, your memories, your experiences can be preserved. They can be passed on and learned from. 

If you've decided why to write a memoir, the next thing to determine is whether you are in the right mindset for it.

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