Write A Business Letter

You have been asked to write a business letter. Regardless of the reason for the letter, use this simple process to make sure it is your best.

Steps to Write a Business Letter:

Determine the purpose of your business letter before you write it.

Try to distill this purpose into a single sentence. By doing so, you prevent rambling. Having a clear purpose also helps you communicate that purpose to the reader with greater ease.

writing a letter

Learn as much as you can about the person receiving the letter.

Is the person male? Female? How do they like to be addressed?

What is his or her position?

Is this person able to make decisions? If not, who do they need to get approval from?

Each detail you learn will make your letter better suited to the recipient.

Outline your letter.

Start with your main point.

Follow it with supporting information and lesser points.

Try to find a logical flow for the information. Be sure to put the most important information at the beginning and end of the letter.

Repetition in this way will help the reader remember the letter's point long after they file it away.

Also, put your call to action at the end of the letter. Tell the reader what you want them to do.

Write the draft.

Put it aside for a day if you can.

At least put it away long enough to handle another task before taking another look. This gives you a more objective view of the draft.

Revise your draft.

When you come back to the letter, look for areas that can be improved upon.

  • Cut unnecessary words.
  • Correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Vary sentence length.
  • Pay attention to word choice.
  • Aim for clarity.
  • Have a co-worker read the corrected version and give you input.

Now, your letter should be as close to perfect as it can be. Feel confident as you seal the envelope and mail it.

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