Writing a Good Resume - 5 Tips

Organized information is key to writing a good resume. However, you have a lot more to consider to get the job done right.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. Use Active Voice
  2. Write Clearly
  3. Be Honest
  4. Relevant Information First
  5. Use White Space

Use Active Voice

Active voice gives your resume a sense of forward motion.

Rather than saying:

Filing was done by me.

You would say:

Responsible for filing

Not only does it read better, but you put emphasis on your ability to take responsibility for a task.

Write Clearly

Beyond active voice, also consider good grammar and spelling when drafting a resume.

Writing a good resume goes beyond having excellent qualifications. It's also about presenting them in the best light.

Be Honest

While you can spin your qualifications for a specific position, never, ever lie about them.

In other words, if the employer is looking for someone with experience in counseling, but you've only ever given advice to friends, don't put yourself out there as an experienced counselor.

Your integrity will pay off, though it may seem that others are getting away with being dishonest. Remember, if an employer finds out you lied about your qualifications, you can be fired.

Relevant Information First

writing a good resume

As you set out your qualifications for a job, list those that specifically apply to the job first. If your education applies, but your work experience does not, list your education first.

Prospective employers may not have time to read your entire resume. Make sure they get the important stuff right away.

Use White Space

A cluttered page is difficult to read, both online and in print.

Put plenty of empty space on the page when creating your resume so that it will be easy for the prospective employer to scan. This looks more professional, too.

Writing a good resume is a skill that is learned with practice. You can use this for your own job search efforts, or you can master the craft and write resumes for others.

In any economic climate, a strong resume is a necessity.

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