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If I Purchase Assignment Writing Service is it Safe? 
If I will purchase assignment writing service from MHRwriter is it safe?

Name Changes 
I am writing a "memoir" of my three year hardcore heroin addiction. In the story I have changed the names of some of the people who are still alive today. …

Wanting to Write an Autobiography but Need Help on Editing 
Hi, I have written approximately 300 odd pages of a life of extreme sexual and mental abuse as a child. Born a psychic but did not know that it was …

Writing Research Papers 
Back in high school, people hated writing research papers . The best way to write a good research paper is with a thought-out thesis. Take some time …

Keeping a Set Writing Schedule 
Firstly, writing is a discipline . It is important to set aside a certain amount of time every day or week and stick to it, even if that time is only …

The Commentary Wheel 
In tenth grade English, my teacher gave the class a handout titled "Commentary Wheel". It is basically a pie graph for pre-writing an essay or commentary. …

Making Nonfiction Interesting Not rated yet
When writing nonfiction it is a struggle to paint real life in a fashion that will keep the reader interested and turning the pages at a frantic pace. …

Find Time to Write in Unusual Places, and Don't Despair! Not rated yet
When I started to write my property investing web site (http://www.investing-in-property-rentals.com) I was a new mum with a 10-month-old, holding a full-time …

Be an Organized Writer Not rated yet
I think that it is very important to be very well organized in your writing. Take a few moments to write down all of your points and them put them in order …

Tips for Proofreading Not rated yet
When doing a research assignment, one tip for proofreading your paper before submission is to read the the essay from the bottom up , going sentence by …

Finding Receptive Writing Markets Not rated yet
1. List the markets that you feel you are qualified to write for, from most qualified to least qualified. Then create a second column and list those …

Getting Started on a Writing Project Not rated yet
I would have to say that the best way to write better is to format or lay out your points and ideas before you begin. The next thing I find helpful …

Keeping It Simple Not rated yet
Believe it or not, the best way to improve your writing is to SIMPLIFY. Don't use more complicated terms when a simpler word will suffice. For example, …

Finding the Right Words Not rated yet
The best writing advice that I ever received was during my first year as a reporter. I was having trouble coming up with the correct words to form …

Quick Tips for Effective Essays Not rated yet
When writing essays a few mistakes can distract the reader from the meaning. Always remember, when introducing a person refer to that person by their …

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