Writing Articles
Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics

Have you ever picked up a magazine or logged onto a website to read the articles and thought, "I could write better than this"? If you want to learn more about writing articles, you're in the right place.

Whether you want to write for your local paper, national magazines or the world wide web, the fundamentals remain the same. You follow a series of steps:

  • Find an idea
  • Gather information
  • Write the lead
  • Draft the article
  • Revise
  • Submit

Each step comes with its own tips and tricks.

For instance, do you want to write newspaper articles? Do you know the difference between hard news and soft news?

Can you craft a compelling lead? What is a hard news lead? A soft news lead? Have you mastered the hard news conclusion? What about the soft news conclusion?

Just getting started?

You can learn how to write an article, from headline writing to the article's manuscript format. You'll even find article templates and information on how to build your swipe file.

What can you write?

Many types of articles are in demand.

  • How To Articles
  • List Articles
  • Profiles
  • Feature Articles
  • Informational Articles
  • and more.

So, when you think about writing articles, remember that you can build your article library in a variety of ways.

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