A Writing Coach is Your Biggest Fan

Writing isn't always easy.

At least good writing isn't.

Sometimes you need someone to help you get a project off the ground.

You need a writing coach.

What is a Writing Coach?

sports coach writing coach

Does the term "coach" make you think of bad polyester shorts and shrill whistles from gym class? Or someone leading a "rah-rah" motivational event?

Don't worry.

What a writing coach does is completely different.

As your coach, I would provide you with weekly one-to-one coaching:

  • reviewing your work
  • addressing any issues you have
  • giving you encouragement
  • keeping you accountable
  • helping you polish your work

In addition, I would provide you with tools and tips that allow you break away and be your own cheerleader, your own editor and, most of all, a better writer.

Who Needs a Writing Coach?

Many people could use the services of a writing coach, but may not realize it. For example:

  • The student who struggles to write a simple essay
  • Or the one who just can't get the hang of APA citations

  • The new assistant responsible for client correspondence
  • Or the one who writes great letters but struggles with grammar and punctuation

  • The adult returning to college after years away from academia
  • Or the one who just needs some moral support and help with editing

You see, the range of people needing academic or business writing coaching is huge. Do you fall into it? If so, contact me and let's see if I can help.

Your first 30 minute session is free.

If you want to know more about my coaching services, fill out the no obligation Coaching Questionnaire*. I will review it and send you more information.

I never sell, share or rent your information. The email stops with me. I promise.

Coaching Questionnaire

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*By filling out and submitting this form, you give me permission to contact you at the email provided until such time as you indicate that you wish to end such contact.

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