The Value of Writing Exercises

strengthen your writing musclesWriting exercises are a fun way to improve your skills. They give you a chance to stretch yourself by writing something in a new genre or on a topic you haven't addressed.

You may also have to use new techniques, some you will find useful, others you won't.

Finding writing exercises for fiction is easy. Nonfiction writers, though, face more of a challenge. Few sites, outside of educational ones, offer exercises for nonfiction writing.

So, create your own. It's easy. Find topics, techniques and challenges you haven't addressed in your writing yet.

For instance, if you've never written a hard news article before, create an exercise to write one on a topic you aren't familiar with.

Write each exercise you try or want to try down in a notebook. This way, you can come back and try them over and over again. Each time you repeat them, you will gain something new from the experience.

One benefit of using these exercises is to stretch and grow is that it improves your writing skills. If you are weak in a specific area, such as description, create exercises that push you to get better.

The best way to become a better writer is to write. Therefore, by doing these writing exercises regularly - they are great for warming up - your skills, discipline and creativity will continue to improve.

Another reason to use them is for fun. As mentioned above, exercises are great warm-ups for the day's writing.

Challenge yourself and you will be rewarded.

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