Writing for the Web

Writers today cannot ignore the biggest opportunity since the printing press, writing for the web. But online writing is a completely different ballgame from other mediums like newspapers and glossy magazines.

It comes with its own rules.

Today's readers have shorter attention spans than their predecessors. You have to get their attention and get it quickly. There are three simple strategies that can help you capture those seconds, and then minutes.

  • Use of attention getting headlines
  • Telling the story
  • Giving readers orders
Another difference between traditional markets and writing for the web is that readers will read your material on a backlit screen. Reading this way is much harder on the eyes than ink on paper. Learn three ways to make your writing easy on the eyes. Finally, the internet offers different types of writing for the public than what we've had in the past. Each type has its own distinguishing characteristics. Here you can learn more about the three main forms of writing on the web.

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