Have a Writing Schedule

Do you have a hard time finding time to write? Has writing gotten stuck at the bottom of your to-do list? Maybe you need a writing schedule.

When you have something important going on in your life, you make sure it is noted on your calendar, right? Doctor appointments, vacations and other commitments are scheduled. Why not your writing time?

Setting up your writing schedule is easy.

Start by keeping a time log.

time log hourglass

Carry a notebook or index card with you and keep track of how you spend your time. After a week, review this information. What you find will surprise you.

How much time did you spend watching television?

How much time did you spend waiting in line?

In what other ways was your time taken up with activities that do not move you toward your goals?

Next, take an hour or so and make a schedule you can live with.

I don't advocate giving up all gaming or television watching, unless you want to do so.

But, realize that you can put some of that time to other productive use.

Work with your natural rhythms to figure out when you are at your best creatively. Try to schedule writing during those times.

take time to write

Don't make the mistake of thinking you have to schedule huge blocks of time.

In fact, that's a bad idea.

Better to keep the blocks to less than an hour.

Fifteen minutes to half an hour works best for me. But I try to set up my calendar so that if I am in flow, I can keep going past the scheduled time. 

Honor your schedule.

At first, you may not get much writing done.

But, go at the appointed time and sit at your desk. Stay there until time is up.

Type the alphabet. Whatever it takes to get you started. Sure, you might create dreck at first, but no one said training the muse was easy.

It may take a week or more before you see results. Don't give up.

Remember, if you don't take your writing goals seriously, no one else will, either. Have fun writing, but don't take it lightly.

Now, you have a writing schedule. Go write.

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